Driving Lessons are essential in accumulating the confidence you'll need when getting behind the wheel of a car. They are also vital since driving lessons can help teach you the rules of the road. Learning, as well as practice can make a major difference. Being on the road in a car is a huge responsibility. We request that you in no way take that duty lightly and invest in driving lessons to enhance or develop your driving skills.

Taking driving lessons and having a small practice in can help you feel much more confident when driving. Getting a learners permit is your initial step to becoming a legal driver. In order to get a learner permit you will have to be at least 16 years ancient and pass both eyesight and multiple choice theory tests on road laws. Once you have your learner permit you can then speak to a qualified driving school like WEMCO Driving School so that you can be excellent on your way to learning how to drive with confidence.

Driving is an acquired skill and we believe that good drivers are made not born. A good driver will know the road rules, be courteous to other motorists, always drive safely and always be mindful of the consequences of his or her actions.

There are of course many many advantages to being a good driver not the least of which is that you have a much higher chance of avoiding serious injury or even death from being careless behind the wheel.

By receiving the right Driving Lessons at the start of your driving career you will also reap many other benefits associated with being a good driver. These include:

  • Less wear & tear on your car
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less tyre wear
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Less or even zero traffic infringements

It's no secret that over a 55 year period (the Victorian average for a driving career) a good driver will save 10's of thousands of dollars in motoring costs simply by driving safely and economically. These are the skills 1st Time focus on teaching with our Driving Lessons.

We cover all the mandatory items you will be tested on During your Vic Roads Practical Driving Test as well as all the extra pointers to help you become a safe driver.

Driving in Victoria means that you must have a valid driver license in order to operate an automobile. Most of the people reckon driving is a natural skill and that they do not have to learn it as a skill. This can not be more incorrect. Driving is a very skilled and synchronised work. We are right here to coach you the ins and outs of learning to drive without difficulty.
Another skillset you will need to learn is distinguishing all the road signs you will come across once you drive. Besides learning the meaning of all road signs in your learner's guide book, your driving coach will ensure you recognize vital road signs and just how they apply in various situations. In turn, you will be able to take these skills and take the driver licence test knowing that you've been all set to pass.
Our driving coaches are cool and are there to help you every step of the way. Learning how to drive doesn't have to be a stress filled and mind-boggling experience. It's about learning to be at ease behind the wheel and following the right regulations and recommendations when driving. Being empowered to learn how to drive, the right way, can help you feel positive about your skills and lead to pleased motoring.

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